Refer a Friend to Rebel and earn a FREE 1 kilogram sourdough loaf!


  1. Referring a single person would earn you 1 loaf
  2. Referring a couple who both complete their first visit and earn a free month’s worth of bread (1 loaf per week for a month)
  3. Referring a family of 4 or more who complete their first visit and earn 3 months’ worth of bread (1 loaf per week for 3 months)

Why Sourdough…it’s so random!?

  • Dr. Tyler Schwanz, owner and chiropractor at Rebel Chiropractic has an additional passion: baking artisan sourdough bread. He has developed the skill and love for the skill over the past several years and uses only the most quality organic ingredients. He even grinds his own flour at home!
  • Sourdough bread is a healthy way of getting your carb-fix and aligns with our mission to create a healthier world! Plus it looks beautiful, tastes amazing, and feels so special to receive.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a loaf of bread or a bulk order for client gifts, email Dr. Tyler at