Chiropractic Administrative Assistant

Application Process:

Interested parties should contact our hiring supervisor at

  • Include attachment of current resume in this email.
  • First interviews will be scheduled at the convenience of the hiring supervisor

Job Summary:

A Chiropractic Administrative Assistant at Rebel Chiropractic is expected to learn quickly, and be trained to excel in our client-facing and back-office responsibilities.

  • Client facing activities include providing service and guidance to patients at the front desk, answering the phones to help assist with scheduling or financial questions, and educating new clients on the importance of chiropractic as a part of their overall self-care.
  • Back-office activities include the documentation and organization of patient files, their care recommendations, their payment records, and scheduling. Team members are all expected to open up and close down the facility each day as well, including regular surface cleaning tasks.
  • All tasks are clearly listed on a number of checklists throughout the office to ensure a consistent result from any team member. No prior experience is required, and all training will take place during the first weeks of employment. Professionalism is paramount in our facility, and a heart for service will make this job extremely fulfilling.


  • MON: 8:00am – 8:00pm (Close)
  • TUES: 11:00am – 6:30pm (Close)
  • WED: 8:00am – 6:30pm (Close)
  • THURS: 11:00am – 6:30pm (Close)
TOTAL: 36-38 hours


  • Front desk management
  • Greeting practice members
  • Processing payments
  • Handling patient questions with professionalism
  • Scheduling/Rescheduling patients
  • Answering phones
  • Checking voicemails and returning calls
  • Delivering office tours to new patients
  • General cleaning and organizational duties
  • Gather gowns and laundry
  • Retrieve supplements for patients
  • Monitor email and calendar
  • Verify Insurance
  • Restock office paperwork
  • Administer Chiropractic Assessment Technology
  • Escort patients from exam room to adjusting rooms
  • Preparing and maintaining patient files
  • Generally assisting patients in any way that makes their experience enjoyable


The job depends upon our team providing consistent professional interaction with and guidance to the patients. Therefore, qualifications are primarily the ability to show up to work everyday with a positive attitude, ready to serve all types of people. Outside of work ethic, attitude, and availability, a few skills are helpful to a new team member:
  1. At least 2 years’ experience in customer service position (banking, retail, restaurant/food service).
  2. Basic understanding of how to operate Google apps (Google Docs and Sheets) and Microsoft Excel.
  3. Experience volunteering and serving an underserved or indigent population through a non-profit/church.


Our office values the importance of physical, mental, and financial health, and our employment benefits are designed to uphold these values. Benefits include:
  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance Plan offerings
  • 401k Retirement Package
  • Unlimited Chiropractic Services for employee and immediate household family (spouse and dependents)
  • Vacation Paid Time Off
  • Holiday Paid Time Off for six primary U.S. Holidays
  • Gym Membership at The Vault Fitness (Full coverage)
    • Personal Training = $350 per month for 1 month
    • Nutritional coaching = $275 per month for 1 month
    • Group Training = $160 per month unlimited
  • Christmas bonus


Office culture is not what you project up on the walls for all to see, it is an inward heart posture that is simultaneously felt and expressed by every employee at all times during their employment.
  • The Rebel Culture is one that chooses to do the difficult right thing when the wrong thing might be easier.
  • The Rebel Culture is one that chooses to assume positive intent in a coworker when the easy thing might be to automatically be offended.
  • The Rebel Culture is one that chooses not to talk about other people who aren’t in the room in a way that they wouldn’t appreciate if they were in the room.
  • The Rebel Culture is one that places responsibility on the leaders to listen to feedback from team members, and places the responsibility on team members to bring concerns to leadership as they arise.
  • The Rebel Culture is one that values the opportunity to serve more people, and the work that comes with it, as the perpetual goal of the organization, because more healthy people in this world makes for a better world, and that is a cause worth working really hard to accomplish.