December Newsletter

Out of office announcement for Dec:

  • Wed the 6th from 10-12:30 Speaking at Toledo Christian Schools, Thursday Dec 7th from 5:15-6pm Ineed to leave early to get to my kids’ Christmas program at school.
  • Holiday Closings: This year, with the way the dates land, we are only closed on Monday, Dec. 25, andMonday Jan 1. Other than that, full availability.

Leading from the Front:

  • Rebel is a company that puts their money where their mouth is. Period.
  • In 2023 we donated:
    • 50 Turkeys to 50 Families for the 10th year in a row
    • Over $20,000 in chiropractic care through our Boost Adjustment Program
    • Our time to clean up the 15 acres adjacent to Rebel for the 7th year in a row
    • Chiropractic care in partnership with Calvary Church Pastoral Staff for 4th year in a row
  • We try to lead by example.
  • We desire to help you all to be the best, most generous versions of yourselves.

Why it Matters:

  • Time and money are limited for all of us.
  • We desire to help you gain the largest health return for your investment.
  • Investing in health while you are healthy costs less than starting once you are symptomatic – 100% of thetime.
  • This contradicts the inflated cost of the insurance-driven healthcare system.

Chiropractic as Your “Gateway Drug”:

  • Chiropractic care reduces your risk of being on prescription drugs or having surgery.
  • We guide you through the stages of “least invasive, least expensive options” first.
  • Having a concierge chiropractor that you can see on short notice limits the number of ER and Urgent Carevisits you have each year.
  • Link to “Top 10 questions to ask when looking for a chiropractor” E-Book

Disrupting the System:

  • Nearly our entire nation dies of the same 5 conditions every year.
  • Changing the outcomes is accomplished through better childhood preventive care.
  • Raising healthy children is the solution to limiting the number of sick adults.
  • Our aim is not to live longer, but to live healthier for longer.
  • Drugs and surgeries can prolong life, but on average do not extend one’s health span.

Ask Yourself:

  • In the years since coming to Rebel, have you used the medical system more or less?
  • Which would you participate in more?
    • A) Long term wellness care from age 0-100 with an eventual quick decline.
    • B) Long term sickness care from age 50-75 with a slow, painful decline
  • Rebel would like to help keep people active, mentally acute, and happy for longer into their lives, and that is only possible when you start when you are still healthy.

Defining our Mission in 2024:

  • Promotion of increasing “Health Span” over “Life Span”
  • Medicine extends lifespan through life-saving treatments and surgeries, but as people are living longer, theyare not living healthier. The notion of living to 100 sounds awful to most people.
  • Chiropractic and other daily habits extend health span, which is the length of your lifespan without chronicdisease or disability.
  • Seeking a shift in health span requires work, consistency, and investment. Are you ready? Are you willing?