What does it mean when you choose a single-doctor chiropractic office?

Chiropractors are humans, too:

  • They’ll be out sick from time to time, they’ll take vacations, they’ll need to leave early to see their kids’ Christmas program etc.
  • If your healthcare hinges upon a single person and their availability to see you, this is no different than putting all your eggs in one basket. 
  • What if something happens while they are away and you need help–what is the contingency plan?

Why you care:

  • The best solution is to find an office with a TEAM of congruent chiropractors, all of whom could help you in a pinch.
  • What if you have an issue on the weekend. You might have your doctor’s contact info, but if they are out of town, they can’t do too much for you.
  • If you had a way to message multiple doctors all simultaneously through one messaging system, that means instantly the entire care team is made aware of your issue and whoever is available can respond to you promptly.
  • More doctors mean greater scheduling availability as well. If you have a family member in town just for a few days and you are hoping to get them in on a moment’s notice, offices with greater capacity can honor you and see your family member as a courtesy to you. 
  • Single doctor offices might be willing, but unable to grant such a request.

My way or the highway:

  • Did you know that chiropractic adjustments have their own personal “feel” to them?
  • Not only does chiropractic vary from technique to technique, but also between two doctors adjusting using the same technique. Their personal style matters–the firmness, speed, and comfort of their adjustment will be perceived differently between two people.
  • If you are at an office with only one choice–well, let’s hope you like their style.
  • If you choose an office with multiple doctors (male/female, light/firm, sports-oriented/pediatric-oriented) you are more likely to find the PERFECT match for you and your preferences.

With concierge chiropractic, your preferences matter:

  • Bottom line–you aren’t trying to just settle for “good enough.”
  • You can and should expect to find your perfect match. After all this is a relationship that you are hoping will last for a lifetime and that you’ll never have to search for a chiropractor again.

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