What does it mean when an office cannot fit you in for weeks or months?

Unpopular Truth:

  • There are business management groups who teach their chiropractic clinic owners to intentionally book new clients out weeks or months to create the perception that their office must be an extremely sought-after office.
  • I am familiar with how long chiropractic services take. 
    • X-rays: 15 minutes to take.
    • Consult/Exam: 30 minutes
    • Adjustment: 5-10 minutes
  • If a chiropractic office cannot fit a 50-60 minute time slot into their books, that means:
    • A. They are doing WAY more than just chiropractic in that office (massage, modalities, decompression, laser, PT) and you should RUN from these sorts of one-stop shops. 
      • They are no longer a master of their single trade, but a jack of many. And as you can see, it complicates their schedule in such a way that they can no longer fit patients into the schedule in an acceptable amount of time.
    • B. They are booking you out intentionally to generate demand.
    • C. They cannot fit you in and need to hire more staff to serve better.

Are your expectations realistic?:

  • Hypothetical scenario:
    • Your mom gets injured in the garden in the morning, you call around and no place can get her in even in the next week, what do you do? 
    • You take her to pain management where she gets placed on drugs that will likely lead to side effects that she’ll also have to manage. 
    • Best case scenario, she’s feeling better in a few months, worst case scenario she becomes addicted to painkillers as millions of other people do when placed in this position.
  • Chiropractic offices should be set up in such a way that there is ALWAYS room for emergency call-ins. This should be non-negotiable when looking for a chiropractor. If they cannot get you in within the week, something is off.
  • Exceptions to this rule would of course be brand new offices as they iron out their systems and procedures. But seasoned offices should be able to get a new patient in very quickly.

Should you expect to get adjusted that day?

  • It’s possible. Your chiropractor will assess your current status, and if you are in bad enough shape, they’ll likely ask you to come back after their lunch break so they can have a chance to analyze your x-rays and get you adjusted later that day.
  • Just because the medical world typically deals in WEEKS, doesn’t mean that chiropractic offices have to subscribe to that pace of customer service.
  • If you are in pain, but not an emergent pain, the chiropractor will likely tell you to go home and rest, he/she will analyze your x-rays at the end of their day helping a full schedule of patients, and will bring you back in first thing the next day. 
  • Do not let pain blind you from the necessity of due diligence that a responsible chiropractor will go through before adjusting someone they’ve never met who is in tremendous pain.

The Bottom Line:

  • An excellent chiropractic office should be able to see a new patient within 24 hours of calling, barring any extenuating circumstances. Don’t settle for crappy customer service–you can find better if you know what you should expect. Check out the guide for more tips.

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