Water is important!

Water makes up 70% of the adult body weight, has a completely neutral pH (acid/base level) of 7, and covers approximately 70-75% of the earth’s surface.  To be put mildly, water is pretty darn important to life on Earth.


Each and every cell in our body is composed primarily of water.  Every cellular function, including the process of cellular respiration (how energy is generated in the cell) depends upon chemical processes called “hydrolyzation” and “dehydration synthesis,” which require water to be present, on the chemical level, in order for the cell to survive.  Drinking enough water is critical for cellular health, and starving your body of this chemical will slowly, but surely, kill it.


Trying to live without water is like trying to live without a properly functioning nervous system.  If water is the “stuff” that allows cells to live, then the nervous system provides the reason and purpose for them to live.  Instructions from the brain are designated for each cell, and allow the human body, made up of trillions of cells, to function as a single organism.  Living without proper connection between the brain and the body causes even the most healthy and hydrated cells to start operating independent of their functional tissue, which eventually leads to cancerous behavior and tumor development.


Do your body a favor–make sure to drink enough water throughout each day, and make sure you and your kids’ nerve systems are clear to ensure proper cellular communication on a daily basis!

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