The Worst Possible Chiropractic Experience

“Will you take care of me without X-Rays”


The Scary Truth:

  • Many chiropractic business models will cut their operational costs by not investing in an x-ray unit. This may not seem like a big deal, but I assure you it is HUGE.
  • Red Flags should be going off everywhere if you ask a chiropractor “Will you adjust me without x-rays,” and they say, “sure!” 
  • Fractures, tumors, infections, old sports injuries, fusions, and everything in between can be visualized with absolute clarity with the help of imaging.
  • To accept chiropractic care without X-rays is to accept the risks of being adjusted in an area with an undiagnosed issue that could pose potential risk to your health.

The Line In the Sand:

  • So does everyone absolutely NEED to get x-rays? Short answer: eventually, yes. Temporary exceptions to this rule:
    • Pregnant women or unconfirmed but suspectedly pregnant women
    • Children under the age of 12.
  • But even in these cases, if the child sustained a trauma such as a motor vehicle accident, has a history of domestic abuse, or had a recent sports injury, you better believe we are taking x-rays on them, regardless of age.
  • For pregnant women, a smaller, less effective adjusting can be used to minimize risk, but on the flip side, the hormone, relaxin, present in pregnancy makes the pregnant woman’s body hypermobile which means they require a smaller adjustment anyway, so x-rays can be delayed until after delivery and a lighter-touch adjustment can be used safely in the interim.

But Radiation is BAD for you!

  • This is true, and even 15 years ago, x-ray technology was MUCH worse and required MUCH more radiation exposure to deliver a quality film. Many of these older units are still being used, and honestly, should not be.
  • Asking if your chiropractic office has a digital X-ray unit is a great question because it ensures:
    • A. The chiropractic office values your safety and takes x-rays
    • B. The chiropractic office values limiting your radiation exposure by using the latest in digital technology
  • If you fly even a couple times a year, the radiation exposure you experience while flying at 30,000 ft, not to mention the radiation you experience going through security exceeds the amount of radiation you experience while getting a spinal x-ray taken. This is largely because of improvements in the sensitivity of receiver technology in the past decade.

The Bottom Line:

  • We know you want to get to the root of your health problems. But in your search for the best fit for you and your family, don’t settle for a place that cuts corners by omitting X-ray imaging from their care plan.

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