Starter’s Spine

Starter’s soreness is common with many physical activities – the ‘start’ of lifting weights, horseback riding, or working in the garden after a long winter off.  ‘Starting’ Chiropractic care is no different.


If you have joints, muscles and ligaments that have been inactive, don’t be surprised if you’re sore after your first few chiropractic sessions. Adjustments themselves are gentle and comfortable, but your spine may respond with some soreness to the increased motion and new positioning. Don’t worry – the pangs of rekindled function are normal, expected, and temporary. Rewards come to those who can maintain consistency.


As your spine becomes accustomed to its healthier state, the soreness will abate and your comfort levels will improve.  It’s important to continue good chiropractic habits throughout the holiday season to avoid regressing back to where you began. Starter’s soreness can only return if you fail to maintain. Remember, it’s easier to stay well than to get well.

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