Put it out yourself…

You wouldn’t call the fire department to put out a candle, or an electrician to change a light bulb.  Those are simple tasks you can handle on your own.  Yet every day, people are calling specialists or experts to heal a problem that their “doctor inside” could easily take care of.


Maybe there’s just a lack of understanding, a fear of the unknown, or concern it could be life-threatening.  Overkill is the norm in today’s medical world.  Overtesting, overdiagnosing, over treating…all done for the sake of “thoroughness.”  In reality, it often strikes fear into the hearts of many who just need to hear the truth.


The greatest challenge we have as chiropractors is to help you realize how powerful you truly are.  The same intelligence that holds the cosmos together is holding you together too!  In the rare case that you develop a condition where outside help is needed, rest assured the medical experts and surgeons will be there for you, and will be able to save your life with their skilled hands if necessary.  In the meantime, pause…take a deep breath, and relax.  If your nerve system is clear, your body is most often capable of “putting out the flame” on its own.


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