Once you start going to a chiropractor…

“I heard that once you start going to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life.”  This phrase is commonly uttered among the general population, but rarely among people who have actually experienced the benefits of specific chiropractic.


Saying that, “once you start, you can never stop,” is like saying, “once you start brushing your teeth, you have to brush for the rest of your life.”  Brushing is not mandatory, nor will you die immediately in its absence, but we all know that it is a hugely positive behavior we can use to invest in our health, over the course of our life.


Every day we live, we experience physical, chemical, and emotional stressors on our body that cause the development of pressures on our nerve system, called vertebral subluxations.  This is not unlike how every day we eat and drink, we develop more plaque on our teeth.  But regular maintenance of our teeth ensures a lifetime of dental health, and regular maintenance chiropractic care ensures a lifetime of spinal and neurological health so we don’t have to slow down just because we get older.  Once your initial problems are corrected, get the best return on your investment by making your monthly maintenance appointment a priority.

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