New Years Revolution vs. Resolutions

Poor health habits (drinking, smoking, lack of exercise) obviously take their toll on individuals and their families. The costs to other members of society are less obvious but more far-reaching. The collectively financed costs (medical care, employee sick leave, group health and life insurance, nursing home care, retirement pensions, liability insurance) have our country paralyzed by our own negative behavior. (1)


Providing chiropractic care on a regular basis is an important part of your positive health habits to help save your personal, and our national economy.  Your nervous system operates in cycles and is extremely habitual and takes on patterns over time.  People tend to want to sleep at similar times and eat at similar times due to neurological patterning, and find they feel best when they stay “in rhythm.”  Regular chiropractic adjustments ensure that that rhythm stays true, and stays clear so that digestion, heart function, sleep/wake cycles, and immunity stay strong throughout the year.  It is vital to implement chiropractic as a regular, monthly or bi-weekly rhythm in your life.


Research has shown that when health care is given away for free, there is no measurable difference in overall health of the cohort.  That means that when people have “skin in the game,” they are more likely to follow through, e.g. paying for a gym membership offers a higher success rate than getting one free through work. (2).  Chiropractic is not nearly as effective when used sporadically, like working out once every few months–soreness will ensue each time, and minimal health benefits are achieved.  Use chiropractic correctly, and don’t just make temporary resolutions this year, make permanent health revolutions, and finally commit to improving your best asset–your health, through positive health rhythms, especially chiropractic adjustments.


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