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Have you ever gone into the doctor for what seemed like a simple problem, only to leave with another prescription, and more questions than when you came in?  And then once you start taking that prescription, you realize that they cause you to gain significant amounts of weight, so back again you go to the doctor to get yet another prescription to treat the weight gain.  Unfortunately, this medication causes you to have heart palpitations, and migraine headaches…well lucky for you, there are prescriptions for those as well…


The concept of symptom-treating is so ubiquitous in our society that we rarely even question whether or not halting a body process in its tracks by throwing a chemical “wrench” into the gears could possibly also have adverse side effects.  Drugs have their time and their place, but they should be used with respect and with caution…as a last resort, because the issues they may cause can set you down a course of multiple prescription addiction, and health issues for your entire life.


At the end of the day, your body has everything it needs to heal itself…there are just so many things that we do to it, and expose it to over our lives that cause these systems to weaken.  Instead of halting symptoms, which is essentially cutting the wires to your body’s alarm system, why not further bolster your body’s defenses by ensuring a healthy nerve system?

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