Level Disc Theory

“Every engineer knows the importance of the foundation when building a structure. A good foundation ensures durability and long life. Any slight change or shift in the foundation can cause a great amount of deviation above.

The same holds true for the human structure, the principle upon which Dr. Gonstead developed his technique of chiropractic.”

–Gonstead Chiropractic: Science and Art

Dr. Clarence Gonstead knew the importance of a level foundation when he systematized his method of analyzing and adjusting the human spine. No different than a building, the body is made up of materials that are designed to sustain forces from certain vectors and in certain amounts. Most importantly, the parts of the body are meant to work as a part of a whole, and so should a single part become injured, one not only has to worry about the part that hurts, but also all the other parts that now have additional stress placed on them.

The body, like a group of engineers, is constantly assessing the balance, load, and distribution of forces placed upon the spine. Hundreds of thousands of nerve endings known as proprioceptors give your body the “position sense” of knowing where you and your body parts are in space. Sustain an injury, and some of these receptors also become injured. This allows your body to assume poor biomechanics that are undetected sometimes for years.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to A. Restore proper biomechanics to minimize undue stress on the spine, and to B. Ensure that the proprioceptors are firing on all cylinders so that the body can continue to correct itself in lieu of a chiropractic adjustment.

So just remember, the chiropractic adjustment not only aligns the spine, but also ensures that the sensory organs that keep it in check are functioning correctly so you can depend less on doctors to fix you and rather you can just fix yourself!

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