How often should I get adjusted?

I’m sure that this question is probably similar to “how often should I brush my teeth?”

The answer is: “As often as you need to!” Yeah, the default to brushing your teeth is twice a day, but how good do you feel after you brush your teeth following lunch, or after drinking a sugary drink? Sometimes the maintenance is enough, and sometimes you find that you feel better, dentally, with a couple more times based on what you eat and when.

Getting adjusted is a lot like that. Our once-per-month and twice-per-month memberships are just fine for the vast majority of our clients, depending on the level of stress they put on their body with work and recreation.

For people in more of an acute situation, multiple adjustments in a week could be extremely beneficial in moving a person through the healing process quickly.

So I go back to my original answer: as often as you require, but with a baseline maintenance program that keeps your spinal hygiene in check!

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash


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