Flexible like a Fiddlehead

Young fern shoots are flexible and supple as compared to the old fallen leaves and brittle tree branches that surround them in early spring.  The former is full of life and potential, and the latter – devoid of it.  The same can be said for your spine and your health.


Flexibility and youth go hand in hand.   In 1921, Dr. Henry Winsor performed medical autopsies which clearly demonstrated a connection between rigid and worn spinal segments and the corresponding chronic organ disease that followed.  So telling were his findings that he concluded: it’s not that you get rigid and stiff as your grow older…you actually turn old and sick as you lose normal joint motion and alignment.  “A man is as old as his spine.” – H. Winsor, MD.


It’s a fact.  Loss of spinal mobility ages you prematurely, and it can start in your 40’s, 30’s, or even younger unless you have a plan to counteract it.  It just so happens, regular Chiropractic adjustments can help you to stay youthful, supple ,and flexible like a fiddlehead vs. lifeless and old like a broken tree branch.

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