Fasten your Spine

When rough air approaches, pilots put on the seat belt warning light to assure your safety during a turbulent flight. When Life gets bumpy, Chiropractic care can keep you ‘strapped in’ and safe too!

During excessive physical, mental, or chemical stress exposure, our bodies react normally with a ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic nervous system response, followed by a parasympathetic calming to relaxed levels; all of these functions are perfectly orchestrated by your innate intelligence, via a clear nerve system. If your nerve system, however, is interfered with subluxations, your ability to adapt successfully to stress becomes weak and compromised – putting you at high risk for long-term illness and disease.

From fender benders to mental exhaustion, we all encounter occasional turbulence in Life. It’s impossible to avoid it – but you don’t have to succumb to it. If your nerve system is kept clear with regular Chiropractic care, you’ll be buckled-in and able to handle those situations in a much more positive way.

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