Breath Easy: Beating Forest Fire Smoke for Every Age

Inhale, exhale—forest fire smoke is in the air here in Toledo, but we’ve got your back! Let’s tackle air quality problems caused by wildfires with these quick tips tailored for different age groups:

For the Elderly:

– Seal your sanctuary: Keep windows and doors closed to shut out smoky air.

– Breathe clean: Use air purifiers or HEPA filters to refresh indoor air.

– Take it easy: Minimize physical strain and avoid vigorous activities.

For Children:

– Indoor superheroes: Limit outdoor play in smoky areas, keeping them safe inside.

– Creative indoors: Engage them with indoor activities like reading, drawing, or games.

– Hydration station: Ensure children drink plenty of water to ease respiratory irritation.

For Individuals with Respiratory Challenges:

– Mask warriors: Wear a well-fitted N95 or N99 mask outdoors.

– Clean oasis: Use air purifiers and avoid tobacco or candle use indoors.

– Listen to your body: Monitor symptoms closely and seek medical help if they worsen.

Remember, when the air quality is compromised due to forest fire smoke, take proactive steps to protect your well-being and that of your loved ones. Be in the know, stay safe, and breathe easy! We are honored to serve the Waterville, Perrysburg, Maumee area, all the way over to Wauseon.

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